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LT Thought of the Week – Beware the Filter Bubble

This week’s LT thought comes from Eli Pariser and is something we need to all start discussing: the way in which search engines pre-determine parameters for search results based on data about the user – including such things as the … Continue reading

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Google Apps: On Scalable Web 2.0

Colleagues often tell me that what makes me a credible and helpful technology mentor is the sheer number of hours I spend in the classroom. Although teachers can be a cynical lot, I tend to agree that when corporate technology … Continue reading

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Moodle and Google – on Libre and Gratis

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my executive to give a “State of the Union” address to teachers on the successes of my Moodle/Apps@CCC project – the integration of Moodle courseware with Google Apps Education Edition. I … Continue reading

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