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Marking 2.0

This week I’ve just finished marking a PBL project with a team of very talented Year 7 teachers. As part of the marking, I suggested we experiment with a Google Spreadsheet. Given the many assessable components to the project, a … Continue reading

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Using Cognitive Organisers to Meet Students ‘where they’re at’ – Preparing for ELH

It’s been a frantic few weeks starting Term 3. I’ve once again been quite remiss in blog-postings, despite having a whole range of things to post about! Next week sees me heading off to present at this years ELH (Expanding … Continue reading

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Writing on the Reading 2.0

One of my favourite teaching strategies for active reading is the tried-and-true method Write on the Reading, from the Project for the Enhancement of Effective Learning (PEEL) an organisation of teachers who promote good learning behaviours through strategies targeting poor … Continue reading

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Re-thinking Mind Maps

  I invented this cognitive organiser partly out of frustration with mind maps in general. I feel that in terms of the way they are most often used, simple mind maps promote closed, lower-order thinking that at best shows an … Continue reading

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With surveys, you learn what you teach…

Despite a fiendishly frantic term, I’ve been lucky enough in the past few weeks to benefit from my own technology lessons in the classroom. Teachers are both blessed and cursed with the realisation that sooner or later you learn what … Continue reading

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The Right Tool for the Right Job

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague the other day when she remarked that she finally “got the whole cloud computing thing” after having explored collaboration via Google Docs with most of her classes in 2010. She also observed … Continue reading

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Bridging the Divide: Web 2.0 Tools and Content

I’ve been a fan of Web 2.0 for the last few years now. In such a short time, we’ve developed tools for engaging with web-enabled content and putting students at the centre of learning, where they belong. As ‘the read-write … Continue reading

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Head in the Cloud

Over the past few days, it’s been very hard to contain my excitement over Google’s recent moves to add all the applications from standard Google accounts to Google Apps for Education. While the core suite of applications – Mail, Docs … Continue reading

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Scenario Learning with a Collaborative Twist

For the last few months, many of teachers at my school have been extolling the benefits of Google Docs with their students. There simply is no doubt that when we approach writing as a collaborative medium, there is a fundamental … Continue reading

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On Cloud-Computing 9…

For quite a while now, I’ve been keen to explore some of the ways that I could train teachers to move beyond the static online portal view of e-learning (the space where files are uploaded for students to later download). … Continue reading

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