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Five Technology Lessons from the Classroom in 2010

Having been stuck at home with a chest infection for the past three days, I’ve had and taken the valuable opportunity to reflect on some of the biggest technology lessons my students have taught me in 2010. As a teacher, … Continue reading

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Scenario Learning with a Collaborative Twist

For the last few months, many of teachers at my school have been extolling the benefits of Google Docs with their students. There simply is no doubt that when we approach writing as a collaborative medium, there is a fundamental … Continue reading

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On Tipping Points and Working Collaboratively

I’m lucky to be an English teacher working in such a dynamic and vibrant time for the English language. Having obtained my English degree more than ten years ago, I’ve seen the way we read, respond and write change so … Continue reading

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Google Apps: On Scalable Web 2.0

Colleagues often tell me that what makes me a credible and helpful technology mentor is the sheer number of hours I spend in the classroom. Although teachers can be a cynical lot, I tend to agree that when corporate technology … Continue reading

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