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Cellist, singer/songwriter, school teacher, nerd, recent scooter enthusiast and failed philosopher.

Professional Leaning in a Digital Age

“You Find Yourself Yet?” by Mikey G Ottawa (Flickr) What does teacher professional learning look like in a digital age? What kind of impact on student learning outcomes and the school community does a highly connected, digitally literate teacher have? How … Continue reading

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Does Money Buy a Better Education?

I just listened to the most recent episode of EdPod, ABC Radio National’s monthly roundup of education issues. In the current episode, interviewer Natasha Mitchell and corporate lawyer David Gillespie discuss the question: “does money buy a better quality education?” … Continue reading

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Technology – “Just a Tool?”

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day discussing her experiences studying an Education Masters degree in the late 90s. She noted that a professor she had held in high esteem really helped her to keep a … Continue reading

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Mapping Bigger Pictures

Last week saw the end of my first year as a teacher at university. Before primary and secondary colleagues reading this think “oh, the life!” I should point out that I’ll be kept quite busy with marking, research, PhD and … Continue reading

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From Teacher to Parent – Why Gender Matters

  In exactly one month to the day, I’ll be a dad – responsible for bringing someone into the world. My wife made the choice of not knowing the sex of the baby which I’m happy about. Many people comment to … Continue reading

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Warts and All…

I finished my first full semester of university teaching yesterday, having had the pleasure of working with sixty-two pre-service English teachers in their final year before the classroom. In many ways this caps off my introduction to a place that … Continue reading

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Embracing Failure Again

Recently, I presented my PhD proposal before a review panel at the university where I’m currently studying and teaching. Those who have been through the process know how gruelling it can be to have your ideas placed under the microscope. … Continue reading

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Finding the Voice

For the past few months, my Back2skool blog has really been weighing heavily on my mind, as I struggle to find a voice in the crowd. When I started blogging in 2008, every day in the classroom was a new experience … Continue reading

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No Ivory Towers

I was having a chat with my wife last night about our mutual experiences moving from secondary education into working as tutors and lecturers in higher ed as both of us complete PhDs. Felicity has a couple of years on … Continue reading

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Two weeks in higher ed and things never looked better

Well, two weeks have passed on what has, so far, been a journey into my new career. Moving from secondary teaching into the world of Higher Ed was always going to be a steep learning curb – but I think … Continue reading

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