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Cellist, singer/songwriter, school teacher, nerd, recent scooter enthusiast and failed philosopher.

What can teachers like me learn from David Bowie?

(Image: Wikipedia) With David Bowie’s passing, I think many of us feel like we’ve lost a creative and gifted soul. Bowie was an extraordinary visionary and talented artist who was a hero to many. While often seen as very different … Continue reading

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Head in the Clouds – does Cloud Computing live up to the equity challenges of the C.21st?

In a literature review I wrote in 2011, I argued that Cloud Computing – then a fairly nascent concept in Education – could have the potential to address some of the biggest equity barriers that mark the digital divide in … Continue reading

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The role of Unit Convenor: what might best practice in higher ed look like?

This month marks the end of my first unit as a non-teaching unit convenor. I had the opportunity to  support over 150 students and a team of very dedicated, experienced and highly capable tutors. As a third-year curriculum, pedagogy and … Continue reading

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Play “Misty” – Even Badly

Having lost my father to cancer when I was 14, I never really got to know him enough to be able to share my love of music. That love came in my adult years, when I spent countless hours each … Continue reading

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Quality Teaching in Higher Ed – The QILT Website

I’ve been spending some time on the new Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website, which launched just last week and represents the first Australian website of its kind. Drawing on several years’ worth of student feedback data obtained … Continue reading

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Yep – I did that

Today I put the finishing touches on my final PhD thesis manuscript. Copying the 1.3 MB file onto a flash drive, I drove ten minutes down the road to Officeworks, ordered the print job and killed some time wandering through … Continue reading

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Collaboration and the Myth of “Independent” Success

This week marks a major achievement in my life and the realisation of a career goal that I’ve held for the past five years. I’m now a fully-fledged Education Lecturer in a large university. I’m responsible for engaging in, and … Continue reading

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Professional Leaning in a Digital Age

“You Find Yourself Yet?” by Mikey G Ottawa (Flickr) What does teacher professional learning look like in a digital age? What kind of impact on student learning outcomes and the school community does a highly connected, digitally literate teacher have? How … Continue reading

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Does Money Buy a Better Education?

I just listened to the most recent episode of EdPod, ABC Radio National’s monthly roundup of education issues. In the current episode, interviewer Natasha Mitchell and corporate lawyer David Gillespie discuss the question: “does money buy a better quality education?” … Continue reading

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Technology – “Just a Tool?”

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day discussing her experiences studying an Education Masters degree in the late 90s. She noted that a professor she had held in high esteem really helped her to keep a … Continue reading

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