Marking 2.0

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This week I’ve just finished marking a PBL project with a team of very talented Year 7 teachers. As part of the marking, I suggested we experiment with a Google Spreadsheet. Given the many assessable components to the project, a collaborative spreadsheet shared amongst the teachers enabled all teachers to:

-see each other’s comments and marks

– work in a centralised place

– easily export the data to electronic chronicles and mail-merged reports

– check totals and averages with easy (and automatic!) fomulae

– check data against previous years, averages, etc. to gauge improvemnet

Google’s ability to get data out of one place and put it into another makes Google Spreadsheets a very effective teacher marking tool. In this case, I was able to use the marks teachers had entered to generate slick PBL reports that we’re returning to kids in record time. It’s great to see technology really enhance the feedback process AND make teacher’s lives easier! Shouldn’t we all be experimenting with open tools that enable more effective marking 2.0?

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