Professional Learning 2.0 – a starting point…

It’s only 11:34 am, and already it’s been a jam-packed day at New Schools Training in Grand Rapids, Michigan (where I’ll be for the next week). The conference is geared around training new US schools (many of which are charter schools) in effectively implementing PBL. Although many of the components have a strong practical focus, at the moment we’re working on strategic directions for Caroline Chisholm College.

I’m particularly excited by the ways that we’re using Web 2.0 and cloud-based pedagogies to effectively collaborate as a team. Check out the video below, where I describe the NewTechNetwork’s LMS, Echo, and how we’ve integrated this with Google Apps for Education. I’m also keenly following the Twitter feed – #NST2011- to stay up to date with some of the ideas that are circulating:


It’s also really exciting to be able to share our collaboration with wider communities, including teachers back home. Tools like Facebook, WordPress YouTube and Twitter are especially powerful media and I’m delighted to see that the leaders at my school are now understanding this for themselves, first-hand. The working document that we’ve generated via Google Docs will be an important first step when communicating some of our ideas in future leadership and executive meetings back at school next term.

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