Moodle@CCC Gets a Facelift – or Several

School holidays are great for mucking around on things that wouldn’t ordinarily garner our hard-bitten and time-poor attention spans, right? Here’s a few Moodle@CCC banners I cooked up using the Moodle logo, some royalty-free clip art and a little help from Photoshop. My thinking is that they could be used as the basis for subject-specific Moodle themes, adding a touch of colour and style to e-learning at Caroline Chisholm.

1. Plain Banner

2. Drama ‘Shakespeare’

3. English ‘Book Reader’

4. Music ‘Rock Star’

5. Maths ‘Number Nerd’

6. Science ‘Experimental’

7. PDHPE ‘Ace’

8. TAS ‘MOOdle’

About Michael

Cellist, singer/songwriter, school teacher, nerd, recent scooter enthusiast and failed philosopher.
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