Get your 2009 NAPLAN Moodle Quiz Files HERE!

Postscript: for all my overseas readers, the NAPLAN tests are the national literacy and numeracy tests in Australia, completed each year by all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Shameful though this kind of spruke for my blog is, I like to hand out freebies to rope in the visits every now and then. Along with this post, you’ll find Moodle XML files of the 2009 NAPLAN Reading and Language tests. All you need to do is create appropriate Moodle quizzes, import these files as question categories, check the order of the questions and you’re pretty much good to go.

Note: the Reading test needs the accompanying booklet, which you’ll find in PDF form here on the DET website.

Special thanks must go to my colleague Janine Balite who wrote the Moodle version of the Reading test using GIFT format. Thanks also to Connected Learning teachers from Caroline Chisholm College for proofing the test before it went live.

Perhaps the last thank you should go to Moodle, for saving me and all my colleagues hours of marking, allowing us to get on with the business of being professionals focused on our students. Thanks Moodle!

NAPLAN Reading Test (XML)

NAPLAN Language Test (XML)

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2 Responses to Get your 2009 NAPLAN Moodle Quiz Files HERE!

  1. Just learning more about moodle and quizzes and found your site. I will practice importing a quiz using your fantastic example. I’ll be marking NAPLAN this year so it will be very useful.

    • Michael says:


      Thanks for your comment! Would love to hear more about the marking of NAPLAN and any teaching tricks you use. Have noted (and will be following) your blog!



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