Back2skool 2010 Resolutions

Looking back at my posts for the last two years, I’ve realised that blogging can be a tricky business when approached with a tad too much perfectionism – as I am wont to do. So much happens in technology education, with so many points of learning and so many developments in such a short time that being perfectionistic about when and what to write means that bloggers like me simply miss the boat.

Missing the boat isn’t a problem, when the purpose of one’s blog is more reflective than predictive (as mine is) but trying to find the ‘golden moment’ to write quality reflections on web 2.0 in the classroom isn’t any easier than trying to predict the next big ‘tech’ moment of our time.

So for 2010 I’ve decided to write much more frequently, briefly and with less of an editorial ‘over-the-shoulder’ approach to writing. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover and only precious snippets of time in between classroom teaching, technology coordinating and university study.

Here’s to a good year of tech and education – and to blogging when and where the moment takes you!

About Michael

Cellist, singer/songwriter, school teacher, nerd, recent scooter enthusiast and failed philosopher.
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