Being Catholic at Caroline Chisholm College

Like many tech-savvy teachers, I’ve been in the habit of filming my lessons from time to time and evaluating them. Although I don’t think I’ve hit the ‘saturation’ point, my kids often look at me and roll their eyes when they see the camera emerge and hear me slip into my best renditions of Michael Moore, John Pilger, Kerry O’Brien and all the other great interviewers I admire.

In spite of this, the following film  has to rate as one of the most challenging and rewarding to date. Last Wednesday my principal and I took a few hours to interview small groups of kids on what Catholicism means to them. The result was a powerful series of statements eloquently expressed by kids who in so many ways have profound awareness of what it means to be alive, compassionate; to learn, teach and give.

I did my best to pull the many strands together and interspersed interview footage with photos and video material recorded by other teachers and myself over the last few years. An emerging theme was the idea of vision and what it means to see both literally and figuratively (in a spiritual sense). The music I chose also communicated this message.

The whole process reminded me about the immense value of listening to children to learn more about oneself. I certainly learned a lot and will treasure this experience.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

NB – the high definition version is available for viewing and downloading HERE.

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One Response to Being Catholic at Caroline Chisholm College

  1. LM says:

    That was excellent – to hear the students reflections so clearly andto be able to articulate what being Catholic means and the role of the school and staff in creating that depth of spirituality and justice within themselves was an incredible experience. Thank you.

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