Scaffolds, scaffolds, get your movie scaffolds HERE!

Postscript: due to formatting problems from Pages to Word, I had to do the guide and blank summary scaffolds as PDF files. The storyboard is still in Word format.

Many teachers have come to me lately asking for ideas on how to get started making movies with kids in the classroom. As part of my school’s Year 8 project-based learning unit for English – and because I couldn’t find any decent versions pre-existing on the web – I prepared the scaffolds attached to this post.

The Storyboard Scaffold includes some boxes for scene sketching and general shot summaries, including voice-overs, dialogue, titles, costumes, etc. etc. You can adjust any of these criteria to fit your project easily by editing them in your word processor of choice.

The movie summary scaffolds are suitable for writing initial proposals of ideas, brainstorming approaches or documenting other aspects of the movie-making process. The guide scaffold models what you want in the scaffold and the blank scaffold is for students to fill in. If you’d like it, I have done an example of an appropriation of Cinderella which I’m happy to email to you.

One request: if you do make any changes to these scaffolds, could you pass on the new versions to me? I welcome any other scaffolds – the more the better for all of us on our movie-making endevours! Alternatively, if you’ve got some great movie scaffolds, drop me a link to your site!

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